Interfacing Arduino with Grasshopper – Day 2

I’ve now been able to make the data from the flex sensor affect 3D objects in Rhino, which completes my tutorial in understanding how to interface the Arduino with Grasshopper. In the example shown, the aperture size of an array of pyramidal shapes changes depending on how the flex sensor is bent.

When the sensor is not bent, the apertures are wide open.
When the sensor is bent, the apertures close.

I still need to educate myself on data structures and sorting data in Grasshopper, as it seems that in my previous attempts I did not have matching data sets which prevented me from creating 3D shapes.

The Grasshopper sketch that produced the 3D shapes.

My next step will be justifying the use of this technology within the task of creating an architectural plan/intervention for the site in Odense.

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